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Who Should Drug Test?

If safety and security are key to the services you provide customers and/or clients, employee drug testing should be a part of your company's human resources (HR) policy. Human resource experts agree that the following companies should institute some form of drug screening into their HR policy:

  • Limo companies

  • Security companies/
    patrol services

  • Driving schools

  • School boards

  • Construction/ manufacturing companies

  • Police departments

  • Airlines

  • Buslines

  • Medical clinics (patients and employees)

InstaCheck can help ensure the highest productivity from your company's employees

  • Delivery services / messenger services

  • Rehab centers / halfway houses
  • Trucking companies
  • Truck driver leasing

  • Prisons

  • Counseling centers

  • Automotive service facilities

  • Automotive towing companies