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Don't be Afraid to be "The Bad Guy"...
Protect Your Family From Drugs!

Keeping your family drug free is one of the most important jobs you, as a parent, can undertake. It's crucial that you institute a zero tolerance policy in your home, that you establish rules for your childıs behavior and stick to them. Don't be afraid to be "the bad guy" if necessary -- and to use every tool at your disposal to keep your child clean, sober and safe.

1) Educate yourself and your child about the dangers of drug use -- the sooner, the better. Never assume that your child is too young to learn about drugs -- or to use them.

2) Keep the lines of communication open. One of the best ways to get your anti-drug message across is to talk about drugs honestly and frequently with your child. Remember, just one conversation is not enough. Initiate discussion often, and be available to answer questions and counsel your child on a regular basis.

3) Learn and look for the warning signs and symptoms that indicate drug use. These can include changes in your child's physical appearance, personality, attitude or behavior. Be aware of new friends or hang-outs, changes in activities or hobbies, a drop in grades, or a loss of interest in family or family activities.

Keep in mind that the presence of any of these symptoms doesn't necessarily indicate drug use. They may be signs of depression, normal adolescent stress or a number of other problems.

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4) Fight peer pressure. Many times, young people initially use drugs because of pressure from friends or classmates, fearing they'll be branded cowardly or "uncool" if they decline. Give your child a legitimate reason to say no to peer pressure by instituting random drug testing at home.

Make sure your child understands that random drug testing doesn't indicate lack of trust -- it is simply a family policy. If your child is very resistant to this idea, have everyone in the family take the drug test so that the child doesn't seem to be singled out.

In truth, many young people are secretly happy to have random drug testing instituted at home. It gives them a valid excuse to turn down drugs offered by friends -- and allows them to put the blame on their parents.